Maquinaria Lorenzana S.A.

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The main objective of the process of manufacture at Maquinaria Lorenzana S.A. is to produce high quality equipment which will carry out functions for which it is intended. The production of quality products creates value and establishes a brand in which consumers can trust.

Do not confuse QUALITY with QUALITY CONTROL.

QUALITY is something more complete and can only be achieved with:

  • A clear definition of our client needs.
  • A well-studied project.
  • A manufacturing process appropriate to each product.
  • A scrupulous production accomplishing all specifications.
  • A subsequent treatment that does not degrade the product (packaging, transport).
  • Good after-sales service.

Each and every person in our company is involved in the QUALITY process.

QUALITY CONTROL is passed every day with our clients as auditors.

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