Maquinaria Lorenzana S.A.

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SPF - 15/DE


Total storage capacity:
20 Ton
Production capacity:
15 m3
2,900 Kgs
Transport measurements:
4,250mm x 2,450mm x 2,700mm
Height offloading:
4,2 mts (conveyor belt)
Necessary electrical power:
380V - 50Hz
Absorbed power:
8,7 Kw

Very Handy and versatile horizontal portable silos for storing and weighing cement which are easily placed on an even surface on the ground, adapting their four telescopic and extendible stabilizers for a perfect leveling, with the aid of concrete or a piece of wood.

The electronic weighing system with digital panel and controlled by automatic programs, allows us to discharge the pre-selected amount of cement, as well as showing the total amount of cement remaining in the silo or the amount that we introduced in it.

Provided with cutting-edge technology, our horizontal silos are the answer to all demands in a market in which the easy-install solution and their agility at work are the main features


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