Maquinaria Lorenzana S.A.

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Concrete output:
1 m3
Production capacity:
1 m3 (1.400 Lt)
Weight (with empty drum):
2,000 Kgs.
Water Tank:
300 Lt.
Oil Tank:
150 Lt.
Fuel Tank:
65 Lt.
Transport measurements:
3,700mm x 1,400mm x 1,600mm
7 - 10 min

Our mobile mixing equipment are the answer of our company to the clients’ demand of versatile equipment which can be adapted to the requirement of simplicity, with the most cutting-edge technology and accomplishing all safety and robustness standards from M.LORENZANA.
The equipment is composed by a mixing drum, powered by diesel and/or electrical engine, in different presentations for matching to any chassis that our clients could have.


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